Design : Modaam Architects

Location : Tehran.Zaferaniye

Photographer: Alireza Behpour

Dictionaries are the books of forgotten words. Forgetful societies leave more words day by day to these forgotten books.
Megalopolises are the cruel initiators of this forgetfulness. They fade joyful words in their daily commotion. Words like Garden, House, yard,…
And We – the inevitable residents of these large cities- search these words in our everyday envies.
In search of lost “Yard”
Is a hopeful attempt to recall these “yards” which are lost among the municipal codes, parking ramps and the gray mass of buildings.
In search of lost “Yard”
Accepting the building codes and resuming the sustainable Architecture and Urbanism principles, we try to improve the fragile situation of the environment and revive the memory of forgotten yards of Tehran wherever it’s possible, on the roofs, in the patios or on the terraces… Then gradually we can see tall trees everywhere with children playing and families having good time in these small gardens.
In search of lost “Yard”
If this dream comes true, there will be less heat island, less environmental crisis and less children growing older without the memory of playing in a green yard…