Location: Gachsaran, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad, Iran
Built Area: 10000 m²
Client: Herbi Pharmed
Architectural Design Team: Sanaz Ghaemmaghami, Mojtaba M. Zaheri, Farzeneh Norouzi, Niloofar Moradi, Parto Hedayati, Kamyar Salavati
Structure Design: Davood Zarei
3D Modeling and Renders: Parto Hedayati, Mahdiyeh Narimani

The wind blows through the wheat field.

Crafting industrial structures for us is a unique endeavor, distinct from the art of designing other buildings.

Optimum, complete, correct and functional are the most important keywords in the design of industrial buildings. The challenge starts from the fact that the design of a factory, to be functional, optimal and economical, should offer architectural values to its users, neighbors and visitors.

Workers, as the most important daily users of space, are the audience of architecture every day.

The initial diagrams of Sarbisheh (Gachsaran) medicinal plant processing factory include production lines and a detailed spatial plan that includes the production of a wide range of products, from spices to extracts and essential oils.

The project site is located near Sarbisheh village, next to the Gachsaran connecting road to provincial centers such as Shiraz and Yasouj.

What was obtained from the summation of user, substrate, climate and culture in the project studies and reflected in the diagrams was a two-story industrial space with maximum lighting and optimization for equipment and facility elements, but on the first visit, the project site left an impression on our minds forever engraved:

The wind blows in the boundless wheat fields in the neighborhood of the building. The combination of the wind and the wheat stalks created a dancing volume, which was connected to the ground under it in an infinite expanse under the sunlight.

The most inspiring element to affect the project was the wheat field dancing in the wind.