Chah Aroos Eco Camp

Chah Aroos Eco Camp

Chah Aroos Ecocamp project provides a unique experience of being in a mythical space in the heart of the desert; A lasting experience that reminds the guests and attendees of the ancient roots and evokes the rich culture of this region. This ecocamp will represent Iranian tourism and hospitality at a new level, in line with the local customs of the region and folklore and folk culture, both in activities and services and in architectural design.

This complex, made of Super Adobe technology and materials, which consists of 650 suites and mini-villas, has been designed with the aim of promoting local tourism, helping the local economy and developing sustainable tourism, in the northern region of Abu Zidabad city, Aran and Bidgol cities. Chah Aroos Ecocamp has a significant contribution in paying homage to the environment, and in fact, respect for the environment and climate has been the main generator of the design of this building: by using natural and renewable materials, paying special attention to the climate and restrictions such as the amount of water consumption, as well as efforts to cultivate and institutionalize respect for the environment and the building base, the sensitivity of the design in such a desert has been well estimated and respected. In fact, what is designed is a unique work obtained from the intersection of limitations, sensitivities, the use of technology and design experience; A work that shows off its uniqueness at the national or even global level according to the climate in which it is located.

In order to consider the sensitivities of the site and overcome the climatic challenges, sustainable patterns of traditional architecture have been used; Patterns such as the use of renewable materials, the use of wall thickness and latent (passive) solar energy to create heating in sustainable ways, the optimal use of natural resources and sustainable energy policies in general; As respect for the environment is considered one of the main factors of building design.

Collective and individual activities, by studying and examining the existing needs and facilities, simultaneously respond to cultural and recreational issues; Activities such as storytelling, walking in the desert, getting to know the climate and environment and taking advantage of the beauty of the region with advanced facilities that are presented for the first time in such a format, bring a unique experience for the guests and users of the space, which captivates the special and well-thought-out architectural design.


Architectural Design Team: Sanaz Ghaemmaghami, Mojtaba M. Zaheri, Mona Kordi, Hanna Shojaee Pour, Ali Bolouck, Sareh Sheikh Karami , Dorsay Jalili

3D Modeling and Renders: Hossein Sepand Arand, Ali Bolouck